Thursday, September 6, 2007

"God-Talk" in the Media

I ran across this piece today on Yahoo! Sports which concerns Lorena Ochoa, a member of the LPGA, who currently has won the last three tournaments she has entered and is ranked #1 in the world. She just recently won her first major championship, the British Open, which happened to be played at St Andrews, which is where I spent the last four years. She had been criticized for a long time because she hadn't won a major and this article touches on that. Notice her response:

The top-ranked Ochoa said she wants to continue to stay on top. And she brushed away criticism that it took her too long to win her first major.

"The wait was worth it," she said. "I wouldn't change it for anything. God has plans for everyone, and my first major was planned for St. Andrews."

So what does Ochoa's response imply about her worldview, especially with respect to her view of how God operates in the world? How might Wright's discussions on worldview and the worldview elements (story, question, symbol, praxis) help us with this question? How does Ochoa come to the conclusion that she does? Obviously, she does not tell us but what is implied in what she does say.

In the future, it might be interesting to reflect upon various references to God that one finds reported in the media (or that one overhears). So if you come across something like this, bring it to class or email it to me.

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